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SOUZOU is a method developed by Masaaki Hasegawa using scientific findings. It is designed to boost your imagination, develop strategies, and identify concrete steps to make ideas happen. In the course, you will also learn how to maximize your performance. It is not a theory that Masaaki and a number of people have applied it to their lives.

What will you get?

Boost your imagination and creativity

SOUZOU will allow you to boost your imagination, accelerate your creativity, and make your ideas happen. You will learn step by step how your mind works, how to develop strategies to increase the probability of making your ideas happen, and how to design actions in order to convert your ideas into reality. To implement the method effectively, this course also helps you understand how you can boost your performance to accelerate the process of conceiving ideas to converting them into reality. All the creative and innovative ideas come from imagination, and thus the key to boost your creativity is liberating your imagination to be able to imagine something that does not exist in the present reality. You will learn how to remove limits you have in your imagination to boost it. Then, to realize your idea, you almost always have to work with limited resources such as time, money, and people. That is why creativity in the execution is embedded into connecting dots differently, or more precisely, finding connections among irrelevant things. This course will share how to break the patterns of your thought and behavior that you can generate more creative approaches to make your ideas happen.
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Course curriculum

  • 1


  • 2

    Understand how your mind works

    • Big and Small

    • What you can see

  • 3

    Remove limitations in your mind

    • Doubt your belief

    • 10x bigger thinking

    • Flexibility of mind

    • What is creativity

    • Connect dots differently

    • Breaking the pattern of your thinking

    • Follow your curiosity

  • 4


    • Movie on the wall

    • Inception

    • Synesthesia

    • Music with orange juice

  • 5


    • No competition

    • Emotion vs Logic

    • Niche

    • Share your knowledge

    • The best opportunity is when no one thinks there is an opportunity

    • Decide what you will not do

    • Have principles in your decision-making

  • 6

    Design actions

    • Thinking from the future

    • Goal, End States, and COA

    • Update assumptions

    • Celebration

  • 7

    Peak performance

    • How to deal with failure

    • How to deal with anxiety and fear

    • Mental preparation

    • Invest in conditioning

    • Design routine and know your peak performance time

    • Focus and increase the intensity

    • Sleep

    • Walking in nature

    • Meditation

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